Are you a PhD or postdoc keen to share your research at a conference?

Sparrho, the global scientific discovery platform, is offering grants of £500 for PhD students and postdocs in any field of science and engineering, at any institute, to attend an academic conference of their choice in the coming 12 months.

Apply now for £500 funding for your 2018-2019 conference travel from Sparrho.

Submit a 10-minute application by 31st March 2019 to be considered for our April 2019 Prize.
The next deadline is 30th April 2019 for our May 2019 Prize.

Application Process

Application forms are reviewed on a rolling basis, and one winner will be announced every month.
Email our team at if you have any questions.

1. Tell us about your research in <300 words and which conference you're going to

Submit your application by 31st March 2019 to be in the running for the April 2019 Prize.

2. Curate papers relevant to your research on Sparrho's platform

Your submitted application becomes the starting point of your very own Sparrho pinboard for you to showcase your scientific interests and expertise.

Here's a Sparrho pinboard curated by Mark Docherty, PhD student at the University of Glasgow:

3. Share your completed pinboard

Applicants from around the world proud to show off their good work:

Partner Conferences

      and more...

Sparrho partners with conferences around the world to guarantee at least one recipient of the Researcher Prize from their registered attendees.

Apply now to suggest your target conference to Sparrho's Partnerships team.

July 2017 Winners & Global Shortlist